“The aerosol package is unique and my experience has been that promotion and defense of this package has united companies and individuals. I see no reason why our countries should not be similarly united in our future aerosol endeavours.”

Lindsay Showyin, AAF President

Member Associations

The Asian Aerosol Federation has six member countries; Australia, China, India, Japan, Thailand and New Zealand.

Over the past ten years these countries have become aware of the need for a unified representative organisation for the aerosol industry in the Asia Oceania region, to promote the industry, enhance cooperation, improve communication and advocate environmental stewardship.

One of the key functions of the federation will be to foster those values and practices in other aerosol producing nations in the region, allowing for the creation of more national aerosol associations who will eventually join the federation.


Aerosols Promotion Council, India

Established in 1984 to promote aerosols as a popular packing option, the Aerosols Promotion Council has been active in promoting the Indian aerosol industry to a global audience and also to promote and develop the trade and industry in aerosols.

The objectives of the APC are:

  • To create greater awareness of the availability and advantages of aerosol packaging and promote wider use of aerosols;
  • To induce companies specialising in marketing to introduce aerosol packs;
  • To encourage and bring out a feeling of friendship and co-operation amongst persons connected with the aerosol industry;  and
  • To study and where necessary introduce schemes for standardization of products, to lay down specifications and suggest measures to maintain quality control.